Membership at The Lakewood Club

The benefits and membership privileges at the Lakewood Club transcend prestige or savings alone. There is truly no way to adequately communicate the significance of being a part of the Lakewood Club experience. Dating to 1921, the Club's roots run as deep as the 200-year-old oaks that grace the property. Add the world-class lure of the Grand Hotel and it is easy to understand how this area and facility attracts celebrities from around the globe.

The Lakewood Club family would like to extend an invitation for you to join us in this remarkable, ongoing lifestyle adventure. Please call for a personal tour of the property and to have your questions answered. It would be our privilege to welcome you!


Regular Golf: $40,000 (Age 40 & up)
Junior Golf: $20,000 (Under Age 40 - at age 40, member required to convert to a Regular Golf or Tennis. Additional fees will apply)
Non-Resident: $20,000 (Valid for a non-Mobile or Baldwin County Resident)
Tennis/Social: $30,000

MONTHLY DUES (8% sales tax additional)

Regular Golf: $721 per month +$80 monthly Food/Beverage
Junior Golf: $560 per month +$80 monthly Food/Beverage
Non-Resident: $534 per month
Tennis: $425 per month +$80 monthly Food/Beverage

GOLF PRACTICE FACILITY FEES (8% sales tax additional)

Regular Golf: $20 per month with unlimited access
Junior Golf: $20 per month with unlimited access
Non-Resident: $20 per month with unlimited access
Tennis: $20 for the first hour and $5 per hour after

All membership applications are subject to an 8% sales tax, the approval of Club Management and/or Owners, and are subject to credit and background checks. The Lakewood Club reserves the right to deny any application. The initiation fee is a non-equitable, non-refundable fee and must be paid in full at the time of application. All rates and policies are subject to change without notice.

Contact the Membership Office for an application at
(251) 990-6362
or via email.



*Applications for Membership are accepted based on availability.

For additional information, please call (251) 990-6362 or email

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